Summer In The Studio

It’s officially Summer! My body, mind and spirit have longed for these endless beautiful days for quite sometime. So far, I’ve achieved my goal of spending as much time enjoying the sun and getting some much-needed studio time in as well. Much love and happy Summer everyone!!!!






Top image: photocopies of the models for The Core Collection 20/20.
Original photographs by LZ Photovision.

Second image:
From the CC 20/20
Titled: Balanced & Exuberant
36″ x 36″
Pencil on Paper

Images three-five
From CC 20/20
Titled: Tough & Sensitive
36 ” x  36″
Pencil on Tracing Paper

All artwork copyrighted by Kemba Opio 2014.

Confessions Of An Artist

It’s that time again, another “CC 20/20” portrait sketch just finished!!! As I go through each portrait of these women, it has been both a pleasure and challenge to work on. The pleasure is creating something beautiful, but starting a new piece is always a challenge. Every new piece of artwork at some point begins to take on a life of its own and usually at that point I like where it’s going. As a personal challenge, I hope to capture the personal beauty that each of these women poses. And lastly, I hope each of my models are genuinely as satisfied with the final outcome as I am.

Happy Tuesday everyone and thanks for all of your support!!!!


marleneUntitled Core Collection Model

Pencil on Paper