Beautiful Women


Title: Practical + Quirky

Pencil on Tracing Paper

36″ x 36″

My perspective on life has much to do with how my mother and five older sisters raised me. So hands down, I’ve always been surrounded by some amazing women. But I have to admit by working on this collection of portraits, I’ve met so many talented, down-to-earth and beautiful women. It truly reflects on the many levels that women in our society and worldwide are very much under-appreciated. I hope any women reading this post whether young or old knows just how beautiful, wonderful and much-loved they are. The women a part of this series have granted me this rare opportunity to showcase a diverse landscape in particular young women here in the Seattle area.


Title: Introverted + Extroverted

Pencil on Tracing Paper

36″ × 36″ inches


All work copyrighted by Kemba Opio 2014.

P.S. I wanted to give a shout out to Naomi Wachira for making time in her busy schedule to be a part of The Core Collection. Here’s a plugin to this incredibly talented Singer/Songwriter based in Seattle but making a name for herself worldwide. Her song  “I Am Women” is such an inspiration to me…… go figure!!

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